hello! my name is [ REDACTED ] but you may call me by any of the following names (in no particular order), but also highlighted is the name that i prefer at the moment.


♡Dominick (Dom, Nick, Domu, Domi)





























(⋆Low affinity ✧Mid affinity ♡High affinity)


about me
i’m an artist and overall creative mind that runs around aimlessly. currently working on lots of projects, including some comics, a full webpage for my shenanigans, a game or two, and probably more stuff that i’m forgetting.
i am disabled due to multiple mental illnesses that i’m trying to get checked out. some diagnosis include: DID, BPD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, psychotic depression, generalized anxiety disorder, CPTSD, etc etc.

my pronouns are He/Him or It/Its. I’m transmasculine/non binary/cryptidgender. i was born in Argentina on the 16th of march of 1999, and have lived in both Argentina and Chile throughout my life due to my parents separating and being from different countries.


My interests include:

BJD Dolls


writing and drawing

making comics


videogames (Pokemon, Resident Evil, R6S, TF2, TS2/3/4, CRK, PGR)

Madness Combat

the internet and computers


small/portable electronic devices



Inside Job


and more stuff im probably forgetting

why a blog?

because i love the idea of having an online brain dump without the character restraints of twitter or the pressure of tumblr and instagram. idk how often i’ll post here, or what i’ll post about (probably about my thoughts and life in general) but i can assure you that you’ll regret wasting your time with my silly projects!

please keep in mind this page is under construction!

thank you for visiting and have a nice day

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Names: Lain, Dom, Reagan +

He/him, it/its. Nonbinary/transmasculine

Likes: Writing, drawing, dolls, cats, stationery

Developing a sense of self, not sure who i am for now.