Hi! i hope you're doing good, whenver this reaches you-

Today i bring you an unboxing, cause i really wanted to do an unboxing but i don't enjoy the video making process all that much. Actually, it's two unboxings, as two packages came in within the same week; one day apart from each other to be exact. I had been waiting for both and wanted to do a picture unboxing for the blog, just cause i want to keep a record of it i guess.

First, my Hobonichi order! This one got here first.

In case you don't know what hobonichi is, it is a brand of japanese stationery, mostly paper planners, that all share a similar functional aesthetic. Visually, the planners are very minimalistic, which makes them very versatile. There are also accessories and planner covers that all have different designs, with new ones being released every year, but i don't have the budget for those, so i turn to AliExpress and buy a Moterm or a Kinbor cover.

I'm pretty sure i did a shit job at explaining this, i'm so sorry. Anyway, let's just go into the unboxings.

This year's box is an orangy red, the kind of red that i don't like; i'm really picky with my reds. I think the technical color name is Vermillion, but i could be wrong about that. Each year is a different color and has a different poem printed on the inner lid. This year's says:

"It's ok if it were a lie or a joke,

try saying, "I had something good today, too."

And then, close your eyes.

Something as good as a tiny stone,

is rolling here and there,

more often that you think."

 -Safety Match's Fireplace Chat

I'm gonna be honest: i'm bad with metaphores and i blame it on my autism. Well, jokes aside, i really don't know what this means, maybe the poem was translated from japanese but not exactly localized; that often explains weird dialogues on manga and videogames after all. Looking at it again after several days of looking at it and pondering on it, i think it's pretty obvious what it says and im just dumb. My interpretation would be that this is about gratitude and optimism, it's telling us to think of the small things on those days when everything seems to go wrong or nothing seems to be happening. The part about the stones makes me think of the flow of nature, and how even the smallest things help keep the world in constant movement.

Idk maybe im overthinking it. Moving on.

Another Hobonichi tradition is the extra gifts that each item comes with. Every planner comes with a pen, which is a different color every year. This year i got two of them, cause i bought two planners, and a cloth bag with 2023 printed on it.

The bag has another small poem written on the inside, this one is much more straight forward and is a pretty nice sentiment. It says:

"Today is the only day the me I am right now will ever exist. I want to keep a record of that so the me in the future won't forget them."

It goes perfect with a concept that this company uses a lot, the "life book". The life book concept goes well with the fact that a lot of people don't use Hobonichis strictly as planners, instead using them as journals or a mix of the two. Personally, i use one of them as a planner and the other one as a journal.

First item i ordered was the Hobonichi Weeks. I've been using this one as my planner for this entire past year, and i love it. Something about it works perfectly for my needs! I'm going to use it again in 2023, which would be my second year with it. I got the Sneaker Mega version, which means that it's soft cover and has extra notes pages in the back. And of course i got the blue one.

Also also every year, the small informational pamphlet has different designs. This year seems to be a cookie theme, but it's not as fun as last year's, which had cats. Ironically, my cat destroyed the one from last year, i was foolish and arrogant enough to paste it on the wall without her permission i guess. Cats.

And speaking of cats...

Kitty lunch break! Midway through the unboxing process, i noticed that it was my cats's meal time. It was a good moment to get them away from my box and my bad lighting situation so that i could continue looking through my new stuff without having a small hairy creature crawling all over me. Yeah one of my cats is very... demanding? Idk but she can get really annoying whenever she's not sleeping. Still love her, the stinky mouse

Now on to the main event of the Hobonichi order...

The Hobonichi Cousin! I've been wanting to try one of these for years! I'm so glad i managed to get one for 2023. This will be my daily journal or commonplace book or whatever i need it to be each day. I chose to go with one of these cause i really like the paper that Hobonichis use, the format is flexible enough to adapt to whatever i need, and it's a good size for writing and drawing. I was scared it would feel intimidating cause it's a big and thick book, but i love it and i can't wait to start using it. aaaAAA the hype!!

That's the Hobonichi order. I wanted to get more stuff, mainly some accessories, but i also didn't have enough of a budget for those. I think i'll get some accessories later from other, more affordable, places. I mean, the items are fairly priced imo, the problem is the shipping! Shipping from Japan to Chile is stupid expensive. Add import taxes on top of that. Poof, there goes three to four months worth of allowance.

Anyway, let's move on to the second unboxing!!

This one i was SO EXCITED ABOUT!! At first i thought i would have to wait until december to get it, but then i got paid for an art commission and managed to pay for about 80% of this. Here it is!!

My first tamagotchi, Tamagotchi Pix!!

I've wanted a tamagotchi ever since i was a kid. I had a knockoff once, it had only 2 buttons, dot matrix screen, horrible sound, and used the most annoying to find watch batteries. Over all i didn't like it all that much, and i was very forgetful back then too, so my little critter was always sad and hungry. This is not therapy tho, so i'm gonna tell you about the new thing.

I did some research and decided on the blue Pix. Blue cause it seems that this is the second wave of the Pix, which has better buttons and improved battery life. I'm not sure about that cause i haven't had the previous ones, but i'm pretty happy with it, it's a lot of fun, and it's blue!

The game gave me this adorable green baby. I struggled a bit at first but he eventually became very happy and chirped and jumped around a bit.

He evolved several times, apparently i took very good care of him because of the evolutions that i got. I had a lot of fun watching him grow, cooking with him, exploring my room and the day hospital. I just wish there was a way to export the pictures to my computer or phone. I know this is a toy for children, so i understand that maybe photo sharing features would be a security concern, but still. At least my phone has a macro camera option, so i can take pictures of the screen if i need to.

I was pleasantly surprised with the customization options for this little egg too!

Those are the faceplates i printed off the internet. They're from Fuzzy n' Chic and Gotchi Garden.

"But Dom it's november already halloween is ov-!" SHUSH it is always time for halloween. I'm a witch all year round FYI.

Finally, I got my adult tama, Weeptchi! So i'll share my profile QR code so that you can add me if you want to.

I'm planning on getting all the adult evolutions, somehow, eventually. Other than that i'm debating wether to get a Vital Bracelet VV or the Puni Tapi Chan... very very torn between the two...please commission me !!

That's pretty much it! Thank you a lot for reading. I wanted to write another post a few days ago and everything went to shit. I noticed that it's better to write concise pieces when things have cooled down. I'd rather say some nasty shit on my vent journal than to plaster slander all over the internet. I'm gonna write my reflections of recent events sometime soon when i feel a bit better, mostly cause redacting my feelings into text helps me process and understand them better.

Thank you again. Have a nice day, night, whatever time it is for you when you read this. NEL <3

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