Hello people. Hope you're all doing well.

I wanted to share a bit about my day and the two articles of clothing that i got.

The main event was going to my friends' house for lunch with my dad. On the way there we bought flowers for them and a gift for their baby boy. He loved the penguin plushy, and i had to entertain the toddler for like half an hour. I don't really know how kids work, let alone toddlers, so i just did silly stuff with the penguin whenever he handed it to me, and autistically tried to explain to the 1 and a half year old what penguins do for a living.

Thankfully, the kid was very much entertained. By the time we were leaving he was asking me to play with him and i felt bad telling him that i had to leave. His mom, my friend, said he liked me a lot, which clearly means that im not giving off "i'm dead inside and i hate you and everyone around me" vibes anymore, at least not today.

My dad insisted in having ice cream with me after that, so we walked around and miraculously found two pieces of clothing that had clearle been made for me exclusively /j. I'll show you


The first one was a sweater with batwing sleeves and the perfect shade of blue-green, with checkered pattern and all.

The next one was a Jacket, in my favorite shade of blue and my favorite jacket style. Reminds me a lot of the trenchcoat i used to wear back in high school, except this one is blue and cute.

After all that, I tried to stay calm for the rest of our time out. My dad was kind of a jerk today, as he often is, but i tried not to let that ruin my day. Then we had ice cream and went home.


That's pretty much it for today. Thanks for reading! Should i make more posts like this? Or would that be too annoying?

Have a nice day~


BONUS: a pic of my cat :3

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